35 Weeks!

How Far along: 35 weeks! Can’t believe I am in the final month of this pregnancy. Ive been so occupied with school, work, and being a mom that it has really snuck up on me!

Weight gain: about 10 lbs

How many weeks to go: 5, give or take

Due date: July 9, 2016

Symptoms:   No real symptoms, just the typical late pregnancy aches and pains, my hips are sore and definitely spreading, I’m constantly over heating, and just regular activities wear me out

New updates: Being super pregnant in the summer is NOT fun. I am usually counting down the days to summer and craving the heat, but it is so uncomfortable being pregnant. The pools have finally opened here, and that is where Kal and I will be spending alot of time until she is born

Cravings: Ice……I always have a cup of ice water with me. I had to buy a seperate bag of ice, buecause our freezers ice maker couldn’t keep up with me

Aversions: None really, I am happy to eat whatever I can find, as i’m hungry constantly

Looking forward to: Meeting my little lady and not being pregnant anymore!

Missing:  Being able to really play with Kal, its hard to not be able to run, jump, and crazy play with him. Luckily he has an awesome daddy who makes sure he gets all the play time he needs

Wedding Rings On/Off:  As of today, Off

Belly button: In, but flat

Baby:  Wiggly! This little girl moves all.day.long! She is always kicking, rolling, or pushing. I am carrying her much lower than I was Kal at this point, but she still seems to get a foot stuck in my ribs. According to my pregnancy tracker she is somewhere around 20 in long and about 5.5 lbs. At this point, she is pretty well developed, just packing on the fat in order to make her appearance earthside

Feeling: Good, anxious to meet her! Tired of being pregnant, but I am haging in there!

Movement: Constant and Strong

Sleep:  Not terrible. I wake a few times a night to pee, but I am able to go right back to sleep. Getting comfortable at first is sometimes difficult, but it could be worse




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