Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day is just a week away! All I really want is a long nap and lots of snuggles, but here are some of my current favorites, if you need some gift ideas! For my Mothers Day Gift Guide this year, I wanted to feature some mamas I really look up too.  All of these are from small, mama run shops and I think it is so important we support them whenever we can!


Mommy and Me Photos

Moms love pictures, but we are often the ones behind the camera. It is hard to get in the picture when you are busy running a house, chasing little ones around, or maybe you don’t feel like it. I recently did a photo session with my daughter, and I know I am going to cherish these pictures my entire life.

If you are in Illinois, I highly recommend Nikki Davis Photography! Cora was so not cooperating the day we took these, and she was so patient and just snapped as we chatted. I will admit my expectations were low for any good shots and when I opened my gallery it was all the heart eyes.



Heirloom DNA Jewelry

I don’t think its any secret that moms love tangible pieces that celebrate their motherhood. “Mom” jewelry has been a thing for as long as I can remember. DNA jewelry is a growing trend, and I am loving it! You can get stones made from your breastmilk, formula, placenta, umbilical cord, ashes of a loved one, even flowers or fabric. Its a beautiful way to commemorate your journey as a mother. I venture to say any mother would be thrilled to have an artisan piece created by Sacred Legacy Arts

Pictures used with permission from Sacred Legacy Arts


Letter Board

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve seen a cute or catchy letter board post. They are such a fun way to add some fun to your decor or pictures. This one is from Felt Like Sharing, how cute is the pink felt??  They have so many colors of felt and letters you can chose from. I’ve got my eye on the gold letter set, next. I love putting fun quotes on it or using it to write little notes to my hubby.



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Mom Life Gear

Being a mom is hard and exhausting…so any chance to get a good laugh out of that, is welcome. I love so many things from Mom Life must haves,but especially the “Surviving Motherhood” stuff. Surviving is the perfect word to describe how I feel at the end of most days (and the only goal, really) and this mug is massive…its holds SO much of whatever your favorite warm drink is.



Hope these help you celebrate yourself and the other women in your life!





  1. Im seeing those felt boards everywhere! I mostly just get jealous of how clever people are with their witty and punny sayings. I definitely checked out their website, thanks for sharing!

  2. Great ideas! Not sure I’m on board with DNA jewelry, but that’s just me. I love other Mom jewelry, though, and all these other ideas!

  3. My mom won me a family photo session with a local photography and it is the best Mother’s Day gift to get pictures with my kids. I would love a letter board!

  4. DNA jewellery and photoshoot are my favourites 🙂 really great ideas for perfect mother’s day gifts

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