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Pregnancy Update-6 to 15 weeks

Pregnancy Update-6 to 15 weeks

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So i’m starting these weekly updates just a little late, considering I’m almost 1/2 way through this pregnancy. But I will give you a somewhat quick version of when we found out, up until now. And I will start regularly updating from here on out.
So I haven’t posted about it on here yet (I’ll get to it) but I experienced an early pregnancy loss in the beginning of Oct 2015. I was just about 6 weeks along when I lost the pregnancy for unknown reasons….fast forward 6 weeks to the middle of November, I waiting for my cycle to come back after the miscarriage, just too make sure that everything was in working order. BUT it never came back, so finally about a week after I has missed my period, I decided to test and was SHOCKED when it came back positive. I was absolutely thrilled, but couldn’t believe that I had most likely gotten pregnant the week after our loss. I had a very strong feeling that it was meant to be that way, and that even though I don’t know why right now, there is a plan.
Since finding out I have been pretty gross feeling, Morning  All day sickness, nausea, headaches, fatigue….all the stuff you would expect. This pregnancy has been very different than my pregnancy with Kal. With Kallen, I has some of the expected symptoms (fatigue mostly) but I didn’t really get sick and for the most part felt pretty great. So needless to say, having a more uncomfortable pregnancy AND throwing a toddler into the mix hasn’t been super fun.
Do to some issues with my Midwifes office, I wasn’t able to have my initial pre-natal visit until I was 12.5 weeks along. Pregnancy is already anxiety inducing, but the anxiety triples after a loss. That was probably the longest 6 weeks of my life. The morning of the appointment, I was a ball of nerves. I was hoping that Chris would be able to come with me, since he had the day off, but Kal was not feeling well at all. So we decided rather than drag him along, to what was going to be a time consuming appointment, I would just go on my own. On my drive over, I said a little prayer that no matter what happened, I would be okay with it and be able to have peace. Not that I was expecting anything to be wrong, but its really hard not to worry.
I was so, so glad that when I got there, my midwife wanted me to have the Ultrasound before she saw me. It was so relieving and amazing to see my tiny little baby bouncing around (and they were bouncing ALL over, the tech had a hard time taking measurements) and to see it’s little heart beating away at 156 bpm. I wanted to cry, but couldn’t help but smile. I walked out of the office, floating on a cloud.
Now that I am getting further along, I am starting to feel better (most days) and the emotional roller coaster I was on, seems to be slowing down. Just this week (15 weeks) I have starting feeling what I *think* are little baby flutters. Its hard no to just pass them off as gas or muscle spasms, because its so much earlier than with Kal, but in my heart I know that is what it is. We are so excited to continue to watch this little on grow and develop. We can’t wait to find out the Gender in just a few weeks. I’d just love to have a little girl, but I will be happy with a healthy baby.
Here is Baby H’s first picture!
DSC_1291 (2)

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