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16 Weeks!

16 Weeks!

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This pregnancy is seriously flying by! Between school, work, and being mom to a busy toddler, the weeks just cruise on by…no pictures this week….I haven’t found the time to take and cute one and I wanted to get this posted. Check out my Instagram for picture updates from this week @wcreamandsugar
How far along: 16 weeks, just about 4 months

Weight gain: None, I’ve actually lost 1 lb
How many weeks to go: 24 weeks
Due date: July 9th 2016
Symptoms:  Morning All day sickness is finally gone and I’m getting that 2nd trimester energy boost. Not feeling as sensitive or moody either. My sniffer is still sensitive though, and too much of any smell can make me gag. The other thing that acts up my gag reflex is the cold air, so I just get to the car or inside as fast as I can
New updates: Had a prenatal appointment Wednesday and this little one was being a stinker. My midwife had a hard time picking up their heartbeat on the Doppler (cue panic). After forever 4 or 5 minutes, she was able to find it, but it was quiet because the baby was hiding behind the placenta. It was there, and strong about 160 bpm, but it didn’t help this mama’s anxiety any
Cravings: Fruity candy (skittles, sour patch kids, gummy worms etc..)
Aversions: Depends on the day, honestly. I couldn’t stand eggs during Kal’s pregnancy but I have enjoyed them this time. I’m not crazy about eating anything super heavy but as long as I eat slowly, most things are fine
Looking forward to: Feeling more movement, I’ve been feeling some random flutters but I cannot wait until the movement becomes stronger and more consistent
Missing: sleep and being able to eat an entire meal in one sitting
Wedding Rings On/Off:  On
Belly button: In
Baby: Size of an avocado, about 4 in long and 3.5 oz. Baby H starts to hear momma’s voice this week and is starting to grow hair, lashes, and eyebrows
Feeling: Some days are worse than others, but for the most part I feel good
Movement: Very random flutters
Sleep: Takes FOREVER to fall asleep. Its not discomfort or anxiety, I just can seem to shut down. Once I fall asleep, I sleep pretty hard. I’ve been having tons of vivid dreams the last few weeks.

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