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20/21 Weeks!

20/21 Weeks!

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How Far along: 20 weeks! Half way there!
Weight gain: Still None
How many weeks to go: 20 weeks (well 19)
Due date: July 9, 2016
Symptoms:   None really, except I’m hitting that, hungry all the time stage. Otherwise riding the 2nd trimester high
New updates: ITS A GIRL! So excited to add a little sister to our family. She looked great at our anatomy scan on Wednesday, everything is growing and developing right on track

Cravings: Cold Cereal, mainly Apple Jacks. Any fruit too, but pink lady apples have been hit the spot this week
Aversions: Nothing particular. Strong smells still get me
Looking forward to: MommyCon this weekend!! So excited to have a toddler free day to connect with other mamas and learn new things!
Missing:  Sleeping on my back and picking up my little guy. It’s getting harder to carry him around, thankfully he is usually content with a hand hold or Daddy carrying him
Wedding Rings On/Off:  On
Belly button: In
Baby:  Size of a bok choy, about 10.5 in long and about 6 oz. Gender and reproductive organs are fully developed. She is practicing swallowing  and starting to curl up, as her arms and legs are getting longer. Starting to produce meconium and putting on fat!
Feeling: Good! Anxiety is under control and I’m pretty excited to have be having a daughter
Movement: Getting stronger! More kicks and jabs, instead of butterflies. It is also getting more consistent and I am feeling her move multiple times a day. Since week 21 started she has been moving like crazy!! I have been waiting for this part of pregnancy, it is my favorite!
Sleep: It is getting harder to get comfortable, but once I fall asleep, I sleep pretty hard.

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