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A Birth Story: Cora Leigh

A Birth Story: Cora Leigh

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Cora is now almost 6 weeks old, time is passing much too quickly. We are settling into a pretty good “routine” and I finally have sometime to sit and write down her story.
My entire pregnancy I was hopeful that I would go into labor on my own, and not be induced as I was with Kallen. As it got closer and closer to my due date, I realized this little lady was probably going to make us wait to meet her.
My mom came into town on July 8th, the day before my due date and we walked and walked all over town, in hopes to get things going. While we were walking, I would have mild contractions, but nothing too exciting. After a weekend with little progress, my midwife had me come in Monday morning for a check and membrane strip. When she checked me, I was at a 3 and she was able to strip my membranes. Almost immediately, I started to feel contractions. My mom and I took Kallen to the pool to play and to give my very pregnant body some relief. I continued to feel good contractions about every 10 minutes throughout the day. After dinner, my mom and I did some more walking to keep things going.
By 9 pm that night, I was getting uncomfortable with contractions about 5 minutes apart and I was having to breathe through my contractions, so we decided to the hospital. I got all checked in and settled for a night of labor. I had progressed to a 4 and continued to contract, I walked all around the Labor and Delivery floor to help with the discomfort of contractions and to hopefully progress things along. I was SO excited my body was doing what it was supposed to do! My midwife wasn’t on call that night, which made me a little apprehensive, but I was just happy to be having a baby. So you can imagine my disappointment when, around 1 am, my labor suddenly and unexpectedly came to a screeching halt….literally all contractions stopped and with that, progression. There was an emergency at the hospital that night, and because of that things were a little crazy. It was decided I would go home, and hopefully be back soon. I was so upset and disappointed, it felt like such a cruel trick.
The next morning, I talked with my midwife about my options, while I still did not want to be induced, I was tired and done. My mom could only be in town for a few more days, and I really wanted for her to be there and her help after. We decided together that if I didn’t start progressing within the next day, on Wednesday morning I would head to the hospital and my midwife would rupture my water to see if that would do anything. Tuesday passed without any excitement (ugh, right?), so we headed in Wednesday 7/13/16, and we weren’t leaving without our baby girl.

When my midwife checked me, my water was bulging, but Cora was sitting up higher than my midwife liked. If baby’s head is not low enough, when water ruptures, there are potential complications. We didn’t want to risk anything dangerous, so we decided to start some pitocin and hopefully get Cora to move down. All day long I contracted, bounced on the ball, swayed back and forth at my bedside….did whatever I could to help her down. I had been undecided on getting and epidural, but late in the afternoon, I decided to go ahead and get one to help me relax. The anesthesiologist was fantastic, which was such a relief after my not so great experience with Kallen’s labor. As the day progressed into night, I was starting to get restless and frustrated. Why was my body having such a hard time progressing….starting and stopping….labor was moving so slowly. Finally around 11 pm, i was progressed enough that my midwife felt comfortable breaking my water. There was SO much fluid, all of us were shocked at how much it was. Soon after my water was broken, I started to feel Cora transition into the birth canal. That is such a tough moment, physically and emotionally. I was so worn out and ready to meet my baby girl, but my body was tired and I know I said ” I can’t do this” over and over. Thank goodness for my husband, mother, and midwife who were so very supportive and talked my through every contraction and hard moment, and assured me that I WAS doing this.
After what felt like forever, it was time it push! My midwife was really awesome at coaching my pushes, which was extremely helpful not only during delivery, but helped with my recovery as well. I pushed with contractions for about 45 minutes and with each one, came closer to meeting my baby girl. Once she was crowning, I had my mom and Chris unsnap my gown so that I would be ready to hold her on my chest and have that precious skin to skin time. At 1:05 am on July 14th, 2016 our Cora Leigh made it earth side. She came out a chunky 9lb 11 0z and was 20 inches long. She had soft blonde hair, and big blue eyes, she was perfect. She was immediately placed on my chest and stayed there her first hour of life, and we were able to initiate breastfeeding. It was so great to spend that time bonding with her and adjusting…her to life and me from giving birth.

Kallen was able to come up later that morning and meet her. He wasn’t so sure about her at first, and kept saying “Cora is in mommy’s tummy”. Once we were all home together, he warmed right up and he has been such a big help and loves giving Cora kisses and being my helper.

We love our sweet girl so much, and cannot wait for a lifetime of sparkles, bows, cuddles and giggles with her!


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