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Night In Boxes Review: To the Moon and Back

Night In Boxes Review: To the Moon and Back

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure

This post contains affiliate links
When my husband and I were first married, we made it a point to go on a Date at least once a week. Even though we didn’t have kids yet, and every night was really a “date night” of sorts, it was still important to us to take time to specifically reconnect. We did all sorts of fun stuff…movies, mini golf, bowling, parties, weddings…whatever we wanted! We often would go to dinner the next town over, or see a midnight movie…anything that sounded like fun.
We always said we would continue to make that a priority with kids….we weren’t going to let kids get in the way of that. In fact, I specifically remember saying “kids won’t change our lifestyle, we will just fit them in”  I know, I know….I can’t roll my eyes any harder either.
After my son was born, I had pretty severe (but unrecognized) Postpartum Anxiety, and the thought of leaving him for even a minute was more than I could bare. We went to a movie when he was 8 weeks old, and I couldn’t even tell you what it was about, I was so anxious the entire time. We didn’t have another night to ourselves for many months. As a result, my marriage suffered, we started becoming very disconnected and it was a frustrating and hard experience to get through. As my son got older, I became more comfortable leaving him with my In-laws (shout out to awesome grandmas and papas!) and my husband and I were able to spend more alone time together and get that spark back.
When it came time for my daughter to join us, we were prepared and expected that we wouldn’t be able to have a date night for a while. As a breastfeeding mom, its hard to leave your itty bitty baby for more than a couple hours and I fully expected to have PPA again.
But, we didn’t want to experience that disconnect and frustration again, so my husband suggested we plan to do Date Night’s In, things we could do after the kids went to sleep or while the baby snuggled in one of our arms. We rented movies, played games, and talked about future plans. Even though we didn’t go out, those are times I will always cherish. As Cora has gotten older, we have been able to sneak out a couple times, but we still do most of our “Dates” in our own living room.
So you better believe I was super excited to find the Date Night In box. Date Night In is a subscription service. Each month they send you a unique, themed date box filled with a fun and spontaneous Date night activity.
The theme for this month was “To the Moon and Back”, such a sweet and romantic theme. Included was a Spotify playlist, dinner suggestions, a guide to the “date night in star”, sugar cookie mix, cookie cutters, hot cocoa mix, and luminary kits. Also included was a stargazing itinerary and some tips and tricks for stargazing inside or outside.
After we got our kids settled, we turned on some music and enjoyed the cookies and some milk, since its a little warm for hot cocoa right now. It was so nice to have a set time to talk about whats been on our mind, and enjoy a treat together.
I realize we could do this pretty much any night, but its so hard to pull ourselves away from the other things that need our attention. Because we had the Date Night In box, we made sure to take the time out to have a little bit of fun.
If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to sneak in some extra time with your hubby or significant other, Date Night In box is the way to go!
Click here, if you’d like to check out some of the past date night boxes!

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