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Getting Ready for Preschool

Getting Ready for Preschool

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I can’t believe my big guy, (who I could swear was born like yesterday, by the way) starts preschool in just a couple weeks!
Of course we are both so excited, but mama is a lot little nervous too! But I think I’ll get through it with a few deep breaths. I am going to miss having him around in the mornings. He is such a big helper, and keeps his sister occupied while I get things done. But I know that he is definitely ready for some extra stimulation and the social interaction he will get.
Even though we are really pumped about it, going to school is still going to be new to him. Here are some ways I am trying to help him prepare.
Talking about it
Back in May, we went a did a tour of the preschool to see if it felt like a good fit for us. Ever since that day, Kal likes to remind us that he is going to go to school there. When we are playing, he often pretends to leave and “go to school”
As the first day approaches, we are talking more about what school will be like….that mom and dad won’t stay there with him, but that he will have a teacher and friends who he will spend those few hours with. Of course we reassure that mom will definitely come back and get him. We also talk about what they will do at school….learn letters, numbers, arts and crafts, and of course have so much fun!
Establishing a Routine
This is probably going to be more of an adjustment for mom, than it is Kallen. We aren’t really schedule types, and have always kind of just let the kids lead their own routines. With school starting soon, I am trying to make sure once we get up, we get dressed, eat breakfast and get a good start to our day
Pick a Backpack
The school we have chosen will provide most of the supplies that Kal will need. But, I still wanted him to have something of his own, so we took him to pick out his own backpack. There were SO many choices, I couldn’t believe all the options they had. He decided on this fun star wars bag and he puts it on at least once a day, he can’t wait to actually use it.
Practicing Letters and Numbers
At just 3 years old, my son does know the entire alphabet and can count to about 20 (consistently, sometimes higher and sometimes we don’t make it past 5). We practice signing the alphabet, spelling our names and other short words, and counting things we see around us. I don’t at all expect him to have them mastered before school starts, but I think recognizing them will be fun for him as they go through them in his class.
Arts and Crafts
We have always encouraged coloring, painting, play with play-doh and do whatever creative things he likes. In preparation for school, we have continued doing this and have tried to encourage recognition of colors, shapes, and the tools he is using.

Cleaning Up
I’ll admit, I’ve not been great at having Kallen help clean up until recently. Not because I didn’t think he wasn’t able to or shouldn’t help, but mostly because it was just faster if I did it. But, as he gets older, and now that he will be going to school, it’s an important skill to learn. We have been helping remind him to put things back where he got them, only get out a few things at one time,keeping all the pieces or parts of a toy together, and other things like washing or wiping hands if they are messy.
Going Potty Alone
Kallen has been potty trained for almost a whole year now, so this isn’t exactly new to him. But at school, he will have to use the bathroom, including wiping, mostly on his own. I am going to ask his teachers if I can send some flushable wipes with him, because those have been so helpful at home. Kallen also has a habit of undressing wherever he is the moment he feels the urge to go, so we are also practicing only removing bottoms and only doing it in the actual bathroom
Being Kind and Sharing
Kallen really is a pretty easy going and friendly kid. Especially since he shares with his sister everyday, he is familiar with it. But, it will be a little different at school since everything will be new and the other students may not treat him in a way he is used to. We have been practicing taking turns, asking for things before taking them, and going to a grown up if someone isn’t doing something he likes or feels comfortable with. He sometimes gets a little bossy (oldest child problems haha) so I am a littler nervous about how he will do in that regards.
We have also been practicing saying Please and Thank You, but hes really pretty good at that and is usually reminding my husband and I to say it.

Are your kids going to school this year? No matter if you’re a first timer like me or Either a seasoned pro, I’d love to hear how you are preparing your kids in the comments below.

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