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Central IL Fun: Boo at the Zoo

Central IL Fun: Boo at the Zoo

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Growing up, I never really cared for Halloween. I didn’t care to dress up or go trick or treating, and I HATE scary things like Haunted Houses. So of course I would marry someone who thinks it is the greatest holiday in the world. My husband lives for Halloween, he decorates our house at the beginning of September and he likes doing all of the Halloween activities. The first year we lived in our house, we didn’t get any trick or treaters coming to our door and he was so disappointed. Since we have had kids, I have come around to Halloween more. I still don’t like the scary or horror aspect, but I do love showing my kids all the fun we can have.
This past weekend, we went to our first Halloween activity of the year, Boo at the Zoo at our local zoo. They decorate the zoo all up with spider webs, blow up characters, pumpkins, witch hats…all sorts of fun stuff. And there are treat stations that the kids can go around to and get little candies or prizes. Most of the animals are out and active as well, since it is later in the evening and a little bit cooler.
This year we have Spider-Man and a Little Unicorn. My husband and I didn’t dress up for this event, but we do have some fun things in mind for Trick or Treating on Halloween. They even had some of the animals out for the kids to pet last night. My son loved the guinea pig but wasn’t too sure about the bunny. My daughter loved looking at them, but from a safe distance, she didn’t want to get too close.
We love this tradition, and will definitely continue to come back each year. It is so awesome to get out and support small community businesses. We are so excited for the trunk and trick or treats coming up this week, and I know by the end of it all we will be swimming in candy!
Do you have any fun halloween activities planned?

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