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5 Ways to Use Extra Halloween Candy

5 Ways to Use Extra Halloween Candy

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Is it just my house, or are you experiencing a Halloween Hangover?? Between trunk or treats, class parties, and trick or treating we ended up with SO much candy. We will definitely eat our favorites, but I wanted to share a few ways to get rid of any extra you might have!

5 Ways to Use Extra Halloween Candy

Freeze and save for Stocking Stuffers
A Facebook friend gave me this idea and I thought it was genius! I collected most of the chocolate, put it in a gallon size bag and into my freezer and I plan to pull it back out in a few weeks for our holiday candy bowl and to fill stockings. I can’t believe I have never thought of this before!

Donate to a Local Shelter
Donating to a local homeless or women’s shelter is a great idea. If there are any families there with small children, they may not have had the opportunity to go trick or treating or they may not get treats often and I am sure they would love some sweets. I would call your local shelter to make sure they can take these types of donations before you take your candy there.

Save for baking
This is another one for the chocolate. Mini candy bars, coated chocolate candies, and peanut butter cups make great additions to cookies or cakes.

Trade-in at the Dentist
We have a few local dentists who offer a candy trade-in. You can trade your candy in for money or small prizes, they give “x” amount per pound of candy. The dentist near us then donates the candy to the troops stationed overseas

The Switch Witch 
This is another trick I learned from a friend. She has her children turn most of their candy into the “Switch Witch” and they trade the candies for a toy, book, or whatever they may like. I thought this was a really great idea! She leaves it up to her kids if they want to make the trade or not.


What do you with your extra Halloween treats?? Do you let your kids eat it all, do you save it through out the year, or do you do something like I mentioned in my list? As always, I would love to hear from you!

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