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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Breastfeeding Mama

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Breastfeeding Mama

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure

This post contains affiliate links, if you click through to purchase any of these products, I may make a commission. Thanks for supporting the companies and products that help me support With Cream and Sugar
Have your started on your Christmas shopping yet? Or are you like me, and just starting to collect things? I try not to wait until the complete last minute, but I wish I was better about collecting gifts throughout the year, to spread out the spending and even be a little more thoughtful.
As part of the “12 Days of Blogmas”, today and tomorrow I am going to share some of my favorite gifts with you!
Today, I am sharing gifts I think every Breastfeeding Mama needs. Hopefully this will help you get some shopping done! If you aren’t looking for breastfeeding gift ideas, scroll to the bottom of this post where I have linked the guides of my fellow Blogmas, bloggers.

Silicone BreastPump

So handy for catching leaks while baby nurses and starting a little freezer stash


Milkful Lactation Bars

Easy to eat snacks, are a must! These bars come in 3 flavors, are super tasty, and allergen free, too!

Nursing Hoodie

When it gets colder, nursing and fumbling with clothes (especially in public) can get so frustrating! A nursing hoodie is a must, and this one comes in 16 colors!

Water Bottle or Cup

Nursing mama’s need to stay hydrated, and having a cup or bottle that is easy to carry around is a must! I like stainless steel because it keeps drinks cold for so long and I always go for one with a lid, because moms don’t need anymore messes to clean up


Rumina Nursingwear Bra’s and Cami’s

These are my favorite because they are SO comfy and you can pump hands free in them! You can read my review of their seamless bra here




Nursing Pillow

There are SO many pillows out there, but the My Brest Friend pillow, is my favorite. I like this pillow because of the soft, but firm surface to help support wiggly babies and because you can wear it and have support anywhere you may be feeding your baby, even standing up!

No Breastfeeding Mama on your list? Click through these links for more great gift ideas!
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