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A Mom's Guide to Legoland's Discovery Center

A Mom's Guide to Legoland's Discovery Center

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Legoland was kind enough to provide us with tickets for our visit. All opinions are honest and my own 
Back in the summer, Kallen got a Lego catalog, with an advertisement for Legoland. I am not kidding you, he has asked every single day, since he saw that ad, if we could go. So, since we stayed home for Christmas this year, we decided to take a little stay-cation, the week after. Chicago is just a few hours from us, and we hadn’t been there with our kids, so we planned a weekend getaway!
We spent most of the day at the Legoland Discovery Center in Schaumburg, before heading to our hotel in the city.

Here are some tips I have, if you are planning on taking your kids to a Legoland Discovery Center
Put your stuff in a locker!
They have an area with lockers, a coat rack, and you can park your stroller there too.For the first little while we were there, I tried carrying all of our coats and bags around, but it was just too hard to navigate with all that. I was so excited when I found the lockers! I did keep our diaper bag on me, but we left our coats and anything we didn’t need in the lockers.

Be Prepared for Crowds
I know this may seem obvious, but I wasn’t sure what to expect and it was quite busy. Especially in the play ground and race track areas and It was a lot of fun, so I understand why, but I was definitely glad I had my husband with me, it would’ve been hard to keep track of both kids on my own. We also talked with Kallen before we went in, about not wandering off, and why it was important to stay close to Mom and Dad.  Something to remember-when you first walk in, there are wrist bands you can fill out with your information, so that if your child does get separated from you, the staff can find who they belong too. Not something you want to rely on, but a great backup.

Plan to eat before or after, you play
The discovery center does have a snack bar, emphasis on snacks, if you or your kiddos get hungry while you are there, but it is not enough for an entire meal. But you cannot bring your own food or drink in, aside from caring for infants or children with allergies. We went right after lunch, and were done in time to get dinner.
Get The Activity Pack
For just $5, you can purchase an activity pack for your day. It is a collectible lanyard, with a special card pack. Inside, there are instructions that give your child things to look for and extra activities to do within the center.
Each page has an area for a stamp and there are stamp stations located all around the center. Kallen made sure he got every single stamp, even for the activities he chose not to do.
Be Prepared for LOTS OF FUN!!!
We spent about 4 hours at the discovery center, and we were busy every second! Kallen’s favorite parts were the big pirate ship play area, and the 4D Movie. I liked the areas where the kids were able to build and get hands on with the Legos. My husband really enjoyed seeing all of the sculptures built out of Legos.
We spent about 4 hours in the center, and had fun every second. We have already planned our next trip, and can’t wait to get back! If you decide to go, be sure to check their website, because they offer a lot of fun events.
Have you every visited Legoland or one of their Discovery Centers?Let me know in the comments below!


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  • Natalie January 4, 2018 at 1:43 am

    Sounds like so much fun! Great tips especially about the lockers and needing two parents for wandering children! I have to carry so much stuff anywhere we go so a locker would be helpful. Ocki is also getting independent enough to run off but still too young to understand the danger!

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