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A Simple Toddler Room

A Simple Toddler Room

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Right now we live in a house that is a little small for our growing family, when we bought it, we didn’t realize how quickly we would fill it up. But we are grateful to have a home, and so we make it ours.

Part of that, is having our toddler room double as our guest room. So in her room is her toddler bed, a queen size bed (which really comes in handy, on those nights she needs some extra snuggles)  and some of our bigger toys. When we transitioned her from the crib, I wanted to give her a little space that was all her own.

I found this adorable toddler bed on the Facebook marketplace for just a few bucks, and gave it a little face-lift before we put it in her room. Just some chalk paint, nothing too fancy. I posted a short tutorial here. The vintage coffee cart was another DIY, a friend gave it to me and all I did was clean it, sand off the rust and gave it a couple of coats of spray paint. It was super easy and just what we needed for a little bit of storage in her room. 

And how cute are these sheets from MilkSnob? Did you know they have more than their ever popular carseat cover? They have some of the most gorgeous sheets and swaddle sets I have ever seen. 

I thought her room was pretty well finished, and then this light box was on clearance at Target…I couldn’t pass it up, and it has ended up being a perfect night light. Oh, and I can’t forget my other clearance find! Would you believe this gorgeous gold foil print was only $3?! All of Hobby Lobby probably heard my excitement when I found it. 

I was worried about her room being full, and her not having a ton of space, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She spends lots of time in there playing with her babies, cooking something up in her play kitchen, or reading and singing to herself on her bed. This toddler room may be simple, but I think its just perfect for her. 


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