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How Instagram Helped Me Embrace My Body

How Instagram Helped Me Embrace My Body

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When I started blogging and sharing on Instagram, I planned to only share Breastfeeding education. I never thought that this little space would have evolved into such a community or how it would transform me. Body Positivity wasn’t really even on my radar back in 2017, at least not as something I’d like to share with the world. I was struggling every day with who I was and especially my size.

I know that Instagram can take you right down the rabbit hole of comparing. But it can also be a tool for empowerment! I never expected to *want* to share the things I do now. But the women I have met on this platform have encouraged me and given me just the confidence boost I needed to embrace my body.

Just about one year ago, I shared this post on Instagram


It was terrifying more me to hit publish on that post. I remember wanting to take the picture in just my swimsuit, but not being able to bring myself to take off the cover-up. Even showing just my dimply thighs to the world was scary. I was nervous about what people might say. Would they think I was posting just for “likes” or “attention”?

I used to think that Social Media was good for nothing but comparing. I was constantly looking at other profiles and noticing all the things they had or did, that I didn’t. I rarely took time to remember that Social Media is a highlight reel and that we often keep our worst moments to ourselves. But I have been so lucky to connect with some amazing women on this platform. For the first time in my entire 31 years, I am seeing bodies that look like mine, be celebrated! I am seeing soft, stretched, curvy, postpartum, bellies, and cellulite in advertisements. Now I hear women say things like “we are better together”, “mental health matters”  and “I am beautiful as I am”. I am seeing less before and afters and more look how strong I am, posts.

What a privilege it has been to be even a teeny, tiny part of that movement. I hope that young girls today are seeing the same things and realizing that they can be whatever they want to be. That they are not defined by their body shape or size, but by what is in their hearts and minds. And if it wasn’t for the women I have connected with on social media, I am sure that I wouldn’t be in this place today.

These are just a few the women that inspire me. They are in the thick of it with me and are working through what it means to love your self in a society that has told us we aren’t enough. Women that are changing the narrative, that are teaching their children to be different. You will not regret adding them to your feed!


5 IG Accounts that Helped My Embrace My Body


Maddy is someone I think I could be BFFs with. She is so relatable and not afraid to share “real life”. I love that she is raising her son in the city, and she shows that style truly has no size. Maddy does the best try-ons in her stories, and it is so helpful to see clothes on a body similar to my own. I relate to her struggles with infertility and appreciate that she lets other parents know they aren’t alone.



Like her name, Aaronica is truly one of a kind. She is one of the smartest women I know, and I truly believe she has it in her to change the world. I have learned so much from her about being an ally to moms of color, and how to have those hard conversations with my kids. She is a phenomenal seamstress, and you will love the pieces she creates.



Mia is the founder of @plussizebabywearing and the conversations she starts surrounding how we support plus size women in postpartum are so rich. She is so conscious of the feelings of others, and shares in such an inclusive way.



I originally started following Angela for her beauty content. But I have been lucky to watch her transformation over the last few months. She takes the hard parts of life in such stride and is not afraid to get into the nitty-gritty. Her openness about her struggles with mental health and learning to love her body has helped me in my own self-love journey.



There are so many things I love about Kelly. She is so talented, real and raw. She is a fellow PCOS mama, and I have learned so much about treating myself from the inside out, because of her. Plus she makes stunning DNA jewelry, that you won’t want to miss.



Who do you love to follow on social media? I am always looking for new women to connect with!



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