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The Best Nursing and Pumping Bras For Plus Size Moms

The Best Nursing and Pumping Bras For Plus Size Moms

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure

Happy National Breastfeeding Month! To celebrate, I wanted to share my favorite plus size nursing and pumping bras with you!

What should I look for in a Nursing Bra?

Fit– This is number one on my list for any bra, but especially nursing. A bra that is too large may not give you the support that you need. And a bra that is too small may cause compression and lead to discomfort and even clogged ducts. You will not regret getting measured before you invest in your maternity and nursing bras.

Support- Good support is necessary for breastfeeding moms! This goes hand in hand with the fit, but even a well-fitting bra, can come in different levels of support. Underwire is something you want to use with caution, as the pressure from the wire can compress ducts. Luckily there are many supportive nursing bras, that give good lift, without underwire.

Price– A good bra can be a worthy investment, and I think you usually get what you pay for with a higher-priced bra. But I also know what it is like to be on a budget and can assure you this list has something for every price range. You can also watch for sales and coupons if there is a special bra you have your eye on.

A good bra is a must when breastfeeding! It will keep you supported and comfortable, which is a must during those long cluster feeding days. And a bra that accommodates hands-free pumping, will quickly become your best friend. When I had my son, I was surprised and somewhat disappointed in the options offered for plus size moms. Especially in hands-free pump bras. Luckily that has changed and I am excited to share my favorites with you!


Plus Size Nursing Bra’s You Have to Check Out



The Dairy Fairy 

The Dairy Fair designs are some of the prettiest nursing bras I’ve seen. And what mama doesn’t want to feel beautiful? Their bras also double as hands-free pumping bras. The mama behind the designs is passionate about creating pieces for all body types, and it shows.  Their sizing allows for some adjustment, which is especially nice in the early days of engorgement and as you start to wrap up your nursing journey.

Sizes up to 42 J

Bravado Designs

Known as the original nursing bra, Bravado has some extra comfy pieces. They offer many different styles, from soft cotton styles for the early days, and a more structured “traditional” style as you adjust back to regular bras

Extended sizing up through 42 H on some styles

Rumina Nursingwear 

Another mom-run business, Rumina makes a great product. All their bras and tanks double as hands-free pumping bras. I loved their bras in the early days, they are supportive but soft and great to sleep in. These bras and tanks have great stretch, as well, they accommodate a changing body, without completely stretching out.

Sizing- Up through 3XL and 42 DD/E

Behr Bras

Designed by a NICU mama who was fed up with the available (often Ill-fitting) nursing bras. These bras are comfy, supportive, and come in some of the most colorful designs and patterns.

Sizing- S-2XL (up to 44 G)


Did you know that Torrid carries plus size maternity and nursing wear? They have two nursing bras right now, and both are super comfy. Like many of their other items, there is a wide range of sizing as well.

Sizing – up through 6x

Cacique (Lane Bryant)

Another favorite plus-size retailer who thinks about nursing mamas! The selection isn’t huge, but they do offer a couple of different styles.

Sizing – Up through 26/28 (3-4XL)

Motherhood Maternity 

Believe it or not, Motherhood Maternity does have a decent selection of plus size bra options. It seems like each time I look they have added more options. A great and affordable option, and very accessible too. I think most of us have a Motherhood store nearby. I got my very first nursing bra here before I knew any other options existed and it worked great for me!

Sizing- Up to 3XL and 46 G


This is a brand I just discovered, but I am so impressed! The bras are beautiful, comfortable, and supportive. They have a few styles to choose from, with a wide range of sizes.

Sizing – up to 48 G

Leading Lady

If you are looking for an affordable, but high-quality nursing bra, Leading Lady is the way to go. Their basic bras are very comfortable, come in many styles, but won’t break the bank. Most styles are under $20!

Sizing- Up to 2XL and 46 DDD


Great, full coverage bras. They offer support, shape, and comfort through your nursing journey.

Sizing- Up to 44 G

UnderCover Mama

Not a Nursing Bra, but a product I think every breastfeeding mom should know about. These tanks hook onto ANY nursing bra. If you are like me, the last thing you need postpartum and nursing is a bunch of extra layers. These make nursing in public a breeze and give a little more coverage (if that is something you’re worried about)

Sizing- Up to 5XL


BONUS TIP – Did you know that Nordstroms will convert ANY bra into a nursing bra? For just around $10 they can make any bra you love, nursing friendly.


What is your favorite nursing bra?


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