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Dear Kindergarten Teacher – An Open Letter from a Nervous Mom

Dear Kindergarten Teacher – An Open Letter from a Nervous Mom

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Hi There,

You don’t know me yet, but I’m sure we will get to know each other well. You see, my baby is going to be in your class this year. I’m trying hard not be one of “those parents”, you know the ones that worry way too much, and give too much information. But I think that I will be. It’s normal, right? A right of passage of sorts? (and I bet this is where you’d probably tell me I’ll look back and laugh at how nervous I was).

I want you to know that I trust you, and I know that you are good at your job. You’ve done this for many, many years and you know just what to do and just what to say. But this is new to me. For the first time, I’m having to let this big piece of my heart out into the world. I won’t get to be there for every minute of his days anymore. And know that I am so excited for him. He is going to meet new friends, and learn new things. There will be new experiences, new challenges and I cannot wait to see how his personality continues to develop. But man, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. So if it is okay, can I tell you a little about him?

Did you know that when he gets really quiet, it usually means he’s afraid? He probably won’t tell you that, he’ll just pretend he’s ready to move on. Can you help him keep trying? And when he faces disappointment and frustration, his eyes will no longer scan the room for me, but they will look for you. Please meet them with kindness, and know that he is trying his best. I am afraid that he will choose to sit all alone, he’ll tell you “I’m just shy”. Can you help him find a friend? He definitely won’t eat his vegetables. I know we’re working on it, and maybe he will prove me wrong and do it just for you. He’ll probably talk your ear off too, sorry about that, he really gets it honestly. I want him to find his voice, but sometimes he needs to be reminded when he’s said enough. And one last thing, can you help him remember to be kind? Help him remember that he can make all the difference. Above all, I hope that he will be a just as much of a bright spot in your day, as he is in mine.

I know that your job is hard. Please trust me when I say I recognize that Kindergarten teachers are a special kind (maybe the best kind) of people. I know that for you, we are just one of many. But this is my one little guy. So, welcome to the team. You will help me shape and build him, and there are truly no words that portray how grateful I am for you. So thank you in advance for your patience with me.


A Kindergarten Mom <3


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