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Guided Meditation Round Up

Guided Meditation Round Up

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Meditation is a great way to relieve stress, calm anxiety, and work through problems. But, it can be hard to quiet your thoughts and focus on quiet for even 5 minutes. If you want to learn this practice, guided meditation is a great place to start!

These are a few of the guided meditations I have come to love, and practice regularly. They are all free and some are as short as 5 minutes. Don’t forget you are worth taking time for, too.


Grounding Meditation by Joyn

Joyn is a body positive and joyful movement platform. I have been using them for about 6 months now, and love so many of the practices and affirmation filled movement exercises. It is a subscription-based service, but they have a few of their videos for free on YouTube.


Compassionate Body Scan

Focused on self-love and kindness, this is a great practice for those days you need a reminder that you are enough.


Meditation for Self Love

Yoga with Adrienne is one of my favorite channels for beginner yoga practices. She has some really good guided meditations as well!

Meditation before Bed

My anxiety tends to turn on full force as soon as I lay down. Meditation is one of my foolproof tools, to find sleep on those nights.


Releasing Perfectionism

Society pushes so many ideals onto us, it can feel overwhelming. This meditation helps to release some of that need to be perfect all the time.


BONUS Guided Meditation for Mothers

I know we are not all parents here, but this meditation is specific to mothers. It is a great reminder that you are doing your best and that is enough.



Do you have a favorite mediation practice? I would love if you shared it with me! You can always join the conversation on my Instagram and Facebook pages <3




5 Guided Meditation That Anyone Can Do

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