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16 Weeks!

January 29, 2016 No Comments

This pregnancy is seriously flying by! Between school, work, and being mom to a busy toddler, the weeks just cruise on by…no pictures this week….I haven’t found the time to take and cute one and I wanted to get this…

Pregnancy Update-6 to 15 weeks

January 20, 2016 No Comments

So i’m starting these weekly updates just a little late, considering I’m almost 1/2 way through this pregnancy. But I will give you a somewhat quick version of when we found out, up until now. And I will start regularly…

We have some news…..

January 5, 2016 No Comments

We’re having a baby!!! We are so excited and can’t wait for this summer!! We hope and pray for a healthy baby, but this mama would be lying if I didn’t say I was hoping for a girl Pregnancy update…

23 Months

January 3, 2016 No Comments

This is Kallen’s last month as a 1 year old….he won’t be a baby anymore when her turns 2 next month. I cannot believe how fast he is growing, it seems like he was born yesterday! We are having so…

20 Months

October 5, 2015 No Comments

You guys, how did this squishy little thing Turn into this crazy, cute toddler?? He is growing waaayyy too fast! But, we are having so much fun watching him learn, and it is so, so nice that he is starting…

What the Fluff?!

October 2, 2015 No Comments

  I know what you’re thinking…..ugh ANOTHER post about cloth diapers….but hang in there with me! Flash back to a few years ago, when I was just starting to think about having kids. A good friend of mine had a…

My Breastfeeding Journey

August 14, 2015 1 Comment

**This post has been on my mind for a while, I originally wanted to post it during World Breastfeeding Week (last week), but it was a crazy week and I didn’t want to rush through it. But it’s here now,…

Eighteen Months

August 4, 2015 No Comments

Kallen is 18 months old! We have a full blown toddler on our hands! I can’t believe how big he is getting and how much he learns everyday.  Here are some things I want to remember about Kallen right…

12 months

February 24, 2015 No Comments

These are technically a couple of weeks late, but we did haven’t our well check a couple weeks after Kal’s birthday. I am also still waiting for his 1 year pics, but as soon as I have them, you know you…

Kallen is ONE!!

February 8, 2015 No Comments

My sweet Kallen has been a part of our lives for a whole year now! It has been the best year of my life! I always knew I wanted to be a mother, but I am amazed daily at how…



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