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New Year, Same Old Me

January 27, 2018 No Comments

  It’s really scary for me to sit down and write this post, but I’m trying hard to Be Brave…so here we go! Since I was a teenager, I have struggled with who I am. You see, I’m a perfectionist…

Navigating Extended Breastfeeding

January 9, 2018 7 Comments

Extended breastfeeding is defined as breastfeeding beyond the first 12 months of life. Here in the US, breastfeeding past one is still kind of a “new” thing, but throughout the world it is very common to continue into the second…

Fun and Unique Gifts under $50

December 18, 2017 10 Comments

Thanks to UncommonGoods for sponsoring this post. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I am not the greatest at gift giving. That’s not to say that I don’t like giving gifts or spoiling the people I love. I…

Must Have Apps for Parents

December 11, 2017 14 Comments

Being a mom in the age of social media and the internet, can be such a catch 22. While on one hand, I really do love how accessible information and support is, it can also be hard seeing SO many differing opinions and ideas. So my solution to some of these problems? Phone Apps! There are so many amazing programs out there, and man, there really is an app for everything! Here is a list of the apps that I use daily, and I think every parent needs.



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